Review of the 3 Part Series Thus Far

In the wake of all of the hype surrounding the 3 part series of DTBH episodes currently airing on A&E, we have decided to conduct a brief review to determine if the series is living up to expectations. The series starts with a straightforward premise: arrest Marco Padilla. When the initial attempt is unsuccessful, the Chapmans begin digging into Padilla’s family and friends, and the hunt spirals into a quagmire of identity theft and other fugitives who may or may not have useful information. Each lead the Chapmans obtain opens up multiple avenues of investigation, and their search ends up expanding in difficulty beyond any hunt previously aired.

What makes this series unique is how complicated the search becomes and how much the Chapmans’ entire skill set is tested. There is much more action in this series than in most of the previous episodes. In addition, there is increased participation from local law enforcement, the legal system, and local media. Prior to this series, the show was becoming stagnant. Each hunt was predictable and the show was repetitive. This series is much more involved and detailed, and helps inject new life into DTBH. We are aware that as of today, Marco Padilla remains at large. Interestingly, this does not seem to detract from the series. It is still intriguing to follow the Chapmans working a more difficult hunt than their usual fare. We look forward to seeing the concluding episode on Wednesday.



Real DOG facts (Orignially posted by the DTBH Website Administrator.)

Body: Shooting At Dog Incident.

Few Facts on DOG shooting report. The Media was saying DOG did that for attention.

1) No one from the Posse’ or the show called the Police about the shooting to report it, neighbors did.

2) DOG did not do it for the attention. In fact, he did not respond to requests for a statement as he did not want further charges. Fugitive was caught and it was time to move on

3) The shooting site was not roped off by police or investigators. Fans were all over the place. This was not a clean crime scene. The area was swarming with people

Also, in regards to the vehicle flipping that was being chased by DOG according to media.

1) Again, the media was not accurate. DOG was not driving or following the truck, it was in fact Beth. Odd fact was, this rollover happened on the same date, May 19th, that DOG lost his daughter Barbara a few years ago.


Tim Chapman Comments And Videos

Judge finds Chapman not guilty of indecent exposure
Posted: Feb 2, 2009 11:04 PM

Updated: Feb 2, 2009 11:44 PM

Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman

By Minna Sugimoto – bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) – A big court victory for a former co-star of the hit TV show “Dog, the Bounty Hunter.” Late Monday afternoon, an Oahu judge found Timothy Chapman not guilty of indecent exposure.

Following his acquittal, Chapman spoke with reporters and called the week-long trial a “waste of taxpayer money.”

The day starts with former reality TV star Timothy Chapman taking the witness stand in his own defense. He testifies he drove into the Bank of Hawaii parking lot at Ala Moana Center to change his jeans, after he spilled some orange juice.

“As I went to grab it, I actually hit it like that,” he demonstrated with the cup in evidence.

“And what did that cause the cup to do?” Brook Hart, defense attorney, asked.

“It caused the cup to tip and the orange juice just spilled everywhere.”

He says he first used baby wipes to mop up the juice on his genitalia.

A woman earlier testified she saw Chapman masturbating inside his parked truck.

“Defendant parked in that stall purposely to engage in the conduct for which he was charged,” Wayne Tashima, deputy prosecutor, said in his closing arguments.

But Circuit Judge Richard Perkins finds no direct evidence that the defendant was aware the woman was watching and acted intentionally. The 43-year-old is acquitted on the indecent exposure charge.

“When our school teachers need more money, and we gotta reach in the tail to give them, we gotta reach inside the till to give them more money, the only thing we grab out for them is more excuses,” Chapman said after the verdict. “And maybe this is part of the reason why. This is a blatant waste of taxpayer money.”

Chapman says he would love to return to the hit TV show someday.

“It’s been a long year,” he said. “The only thing I really want to do right now is, I haven’t seen my kids in two weeks, just go home to my children.”

The judge in the jury-waived trial already found the defendant not guilty of the more serious charge of terroristic threatening last week. Prosecutors had said when security officers arrived at the scene that night, Chapman started his truck and sped off, nearly hitting one of guards.

Credit: KHNL NBC 8  Videos on site

Dog’s “brother” Innocent

Dog’ Chapman’s Brother Acquitted

Tim Chapman Blasts Prosecution


POSTED: 3:48 pm HST February 2, 2009
UPDATED: 6:49 pm HST February 2, 2009


The reality-show sidekick of Duane “Dog” Chapman was acquitted of indecent exposure Monday. 

Tim Chapman took the stand to claim it was all a misunderstanding which began with spilled orange juice. 

The indecency and threatening charges against Tim Chapman could not have come at a worse time. Last January, the Bounty Hunter show was off the air because of the “Dog’s” racial comments and his wife Beth had warned the cast to stay away from bad press or else. 

Chapman said he pulled into an Ala Moana parking space so he could privately clean up after spilling orange juice on his lap. 

“I looked out the front windshield to make sure there wasn’t anybody around the truck before I did that,” Chapman said. 

But he was wrong. A woman witnessed his baby wipe bath. 

“I took another wipe, proceeded to wipe down again up down on both sides,” Chapman said. 

He said he fled the scene when because he thought arriving security guards would call the media. Beth Chapman had warned him against publicity just two days before. 

“I thought uh this is exactly what she told us not to do — involvement with the media,” Chapman said. 

“Would a guy then go off and risk his entire life two days later by exposing himself in a public parking lot?” said defense attorney Brook Hart. 

But prosecutors argued Chapman could have chosen a more private place and fleeing made him look guilty. But Judge Richard Perkins, who earlier threw out a terroristic threatening felony charge, said prosecutors didn’t prove he intentionally exposed himself. 

“Given that, I find you not guilty,” said Perkins. 

Chapman came out blasting the prosecution. 

“What a blatant waste of taxpayers’ dollars, just incredible,” Chapman said. 

Deputy prosecutor Wayne Teshima said based on the evidence he believes that Chapman did expose himself. 

“I still believe that, yes,” Teshima said. 

Chapman said now that he is acquitted he’d love to get back on the television show, but he said the main reason he fought the charge was because a conviction would have made it harder to win custody of his two children