Dog and Beth’s Daughter Bonnie Jo Breaks Two Arms

Posted by Baby Lyssa on Myspace

Friends here have been asking about my baby sister, Bonnie Jo.  Bonnie Jo fell from a swingset last week and broke both her arms at her wrists. I have gotten lots of messages asking an address for cards. My family can not thank you enough for your caring and love. Here is the address for Dakine if you want to send Bonnie Jo a card. I have gotten many messages asking, so I hope this helps u out if you want to send a card. Thank you so much for caring for our family

Bonnie Jo Chapman c/o
Da-Kine Bail Bonds
1381 Queen Emma St
Honolulu, HI 96813-2301

Much Maholos and Aloha



6 thoughts on “Dog and Beth’s Daughter Bonnie Jo Breaks Two Arms

  1. bring the dog and family back, dog is not a lovng caring people his son tucker is jealous of his fathers success.i though tucker got in to rehab while in prison,but he lied.

  2. bring do and family back to a&e we need him and so does everyone else in this worl .
    he is not a bad man he is a HERO

  3. hi beth and dog chapman how your you doing . and duanelee love to meet yall.and leland . when you comeing see .us soon baby lyssa . and tim dog chapman and chapman family. bounty hunter is worild dogthebountyhunter .and justin chhapman and kid.s an. love your wedding photos when come over to see me . and call. us soon . to meet us when you come my house to us … soon and call.

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