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So What Is Youngblood Doing ?

Tim is now a single parent dealing with a divorce. He is not able to travel to Denver for long shoots. This is why Tim is no longer on the show. If the situation changes, he may be back. We have confirmed this with multiple sources


Real DOG facts (Orignially posted by the DTBH Website Administrator.)

Body: Shooting At Dog Incident.

Few Facts on DOG shooting report. The Media was saying DOG did that for attention.

1) No one from the Posse’ or the show called the Police about the shooting to report it, neighbors did.

2) DOG did not do it for the attention. In fact, he did not respond to requests for a statement as he did not want further charges. Fugitive was caught and it was time to move on

3) The shooting site was not roped off by police or investigators. Fans were all over the place. This was not a clean crime scene. The area was swarming with people

Also, in regards to the vehicle flipping that was being chased by DOG according to media.

1) Again, the media was not accurate. DOG was not driving or following the truck, it was in fact Beth. Odd fact was, this rollover happened on the same date, May 19th, that DOG lost his daughter Barbara a few years ago.


Screen Shots Of A Quite Pregnant Baby Lyssa

Sorry doubters

Baby Lyssa Chapman Is Pregnant !!!!

No doubt now. Baby Lyssa Chapman is expecting her 2nd child. Watch this video interview with Dog. Lyssa is seen in the background with a large visible baby bump.


Helping Or Hurting Safety? Dog The Bounty Hunter Talks With NEWSCHANNEL 13

see the video at


By Josh Simeone

COLORADO SPRINGS – “Dog the Bounty Hunter” tells NEWSCHANNEL 13 he believes he’s improving safety in Colorado Springs, despite a couple of incidents in the past month.

Late Monday night, a man the show’s crew was after was involved in a car accident. Police say 20-year-old Kelly Murphy took off after his vehicle flipped over near Moreno and Rio Grande. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and police spent hours searching for Murphy, but did not find him.

On Tuesday, Murphy’s father helped to arrange his surrender at a Colorado Avenue bar in Colorado Springs.

“I’ve done this 30 years and I’ve never really seen a guy that’s been this receptive to rehabilitation,” Duane “Dog” Chapman told NEWSCHANNNEL 13 in an exclusive on-camera interview.

Murphy is now behind bars after being wanted for failure to appear for a narcotics violation.

In April, police responded to a call for shots fired involving the Dog the Bounty Hunter crew in their attempt to capture a wanted man in Colorado Springs. Police did not charge the man who allegedly fired shots at the show’s crew because there was not enough evidence.

“I’m the kind of guy that’s trying to make it safe for the public,” Chapman says.

“Dog” says not to judge his work on just a few incidents, especially when his crew has arrested thousands of people without any issues.

As for his relationship with Colorado Springs Police – the bounty hunter says it’s strong and he respects and admires the department. “We’re part of their organization, we’re on their totem pole – we may be on the bottom, but we’re all after the same goal – catch the bad guy and fix him.”

The Chapman family encourages rehabilitation, and “Dog” and his wife, Beth, have even held open town hall meetings to educate people about the dangers of drugs.

According to the show’s website, bounty hunters overall, such as “Dog,” account for 30-40,000 arrests every year.

DOG Gets His Man

Dog Chapman — Always Gets His Man

Posted May 20th 2009 8:30AM by TMZ Staff

The man who flipped his car trying to evade Duane “Dog” Chapman was captured by the bounty hunter late last night. When will these people learn?

Dog picked up the guy near a hospital after he bolted from the scene of the accident. The guy was wanted for being a no-show for a felony narcotics violation.

As we first reported, Dog claims the wanted man nearly ran over the bounty hunter with his car while trying to flee — and eventually flipped his ride and ran off into a field.

DOG captures Rollover Suspect

COLORADO SPRINGS – News outlets in Colorado Springs are reporting that a reality television star and his crew took a wanted man into custody Tuesday hours after a rollover accident.

The Colorado Springs Gazette is reporting that Duane “Dog” Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, was in Colorado Springs Monday and Tuesday looking for Kelly Murphy.

Kelly was wanted on misdemeanor charges and had skipped out on bonds worth $6,000, according to the paper.

Concern grew early Tuesday morning when Murphy flipped his vehicle and some outlets reported that Dog had been involved.

The Gazette cites fellow bail bondsman Bobby Brown as saying that Murphy flipped his vehicle on his own and that no one in Dog’s crew was involved in the crash.

Murphy was taken into custody at 2 p.m. to the El Paso County jail where he remains without bond, according to the paper.
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EDITORS NOTE: The Police were also searching for the suspect, but again DOG’s talent tracked him down faster

Beth. Perp Tried To Run Dog

Beth Chapman: Perp Tried to Run Dog Over

Posted May 19th 2009 12:56PM by TMZ Staff

We just talked to Beth Chapman, who gave us the blow-by-blow of last night’s crazy perp chase — and she says it all started when the guy almost ran Dog over with his truck.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Beth says the “Bounty Hunter” crew found the perp sitting in his truck last night. She says when the dude spotted Dog approaching, he stepped on the gas — forcing Dog to dive out of the way.

Beth says she tailed the guy, and then saw him take a turn too fast and flip his ride. She says he jumped out of the truck and took off through a field on foot.0519_chapman_car_tmz_exd_2

Dog the Bounty Hunter” chases fugitive and causes rollover crash; suspect escapes



Dog the Bounty Hunter” chases fugitive and causes rollover crash; suspect escapes

Duane “Dog” Chapman, star of the A&E reality show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” was involved in a crash while following a suspect earlier this morning, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department. Chapman, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Bounty Hunter in the World,” and his television crew were chasing Kelly Murphy, 20, who is wanted for skipping bail on a felony narcotics violation. The chase led Murphy to crash and roll over his vehicle, at which point Chapman’s daughter, Lisa, called police. By the time police arrived, Murphy had fled the scene. Chapman and his crew then continued the search for Murphy, but they have not yet located him.

Colorado Springs is not a lucky town for the Denver-born Chapman. Just last week, charges were dropped against Hoang Nguyen, who had been accused of shooting at Chapman and fellow bondsman Bobby Brown on April 21st. Nguyen, a fugitive for failing to appear on charges of attempted second-degree murder and domestic violence, was eventually apprehended by Chapman. Conflicting witness statements and a lack of evidence led prosecutors to drop the charges for the reported shooting. This incident also took place during the filming of Dog’s show, although the alleged shooting was not caught on tape.

The reality television show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” tracks Chapman as he hunts down fugitives who have skipped bail. He has also written a book, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (Hyperion, 2007). Chapman, a Colorado native, currently resides in Hawaii. A tagline on his website reads:

If you’re on the run, Dog is gonna get you.

Driver Pursued By ‘Dog’ The Bounty Hunter Crashes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman is back in the news again after a chase and crash in Colorado Springs.

According to Colorado Springs police, Chapman and his television crew were following a car believed to be driven by a man wanted on a narcotics violation when the car crashed and rolled over at 8th Street and Rio Grande Street at about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. Chapman was pursing Kelley Murphy, 20, as part of his reality television show on A&E.

Chapman’s daughter, Lisa, called police to report the wreck but when police got there, the driver was gone.

The TV bounty hunter and his video crew then moved to the field of the Penrose Event Center to look for Murphy, which put police on edge.

“We had gotten a report that his team may have been out on foot trying to locate the suspect,” Colorado Springs Police Sgt. Jeff Strossner told KRDO TV. “That would have put our officers and K-9 dogs at risk. Maybe apprehending the wrong person or zeroing in on their scent rather than the scent of the suspect.”

KRDO reported Chapman captured Murphy in a Colorado Avenue bar Tuesday afternoon.

Murphy is wanted for failure to appear on a felony narcotics violation, according to police

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